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statues, scooters and seafood in danang

afternoon with thuy and hung

sunny 34 °C

toady was a very lazy start. breakfeast at the riverfront then plenty of pool time and lazing about. we had organised to meet up with a girl we met on halong bay cruise. thuy (pronounced toy) lives in danang and invited us to spend some time with her in danang. so we organised a car to take us to danang. danang is a very modern city by vietnam standards. lots of new hotels and resorts and our first sighting of shopping centres.
we got into to town and had a drink, the none alcoholic variety, and waited to meet thuy. she arrived on time and we waited for her cousin hung to come. once he arrived and introductions were completed we hopped on their scooters. jen was a little apprehensive as this was going to be the second time she had got on a motorbike, the first with me a few days earlier. this time it was not on the sleepy coastal town of hoi an but a major city with cars and motorcycles everywhere. she put on her brave face and off she went with thuy. at first her could see her white knuckles gripping the back bar and thuy, however, she very quickly settled into the ride and was having a ball in no time.
we were setting off the a large buddhist temple and statue which overlooks the bay in danang. first we had a great ride through the town of danang. the scenery was great as we crossed a large bridge which looked across the city. on one side of the bridge was the city and the other was the beautiful mountains which surround danang. we made our way up a winding road to the giant statue in the distance. hung chatted with me as we rode along pointing out sights and thuy did the same with jen.
we made it to the temple and jen and i were blown away by what we saw. we walked up a large set of stairs through a set of giant gates and were greated by a large courtyard filled with trees in large pots and surrounding the courtyard was large statues of the different buddhist gods. at the end of the courtyard was a large buddhist temple. we made our way to the temple took our shoes off and went inside. inside were people praying respects to buddha and a large altar. it was so peaceful and had an almost magical air about it. surrounding the walls were large paintings telling the story of buddha which hung explained to me. the best was yet to come. outside overlooking the bay is a 67 metre statue of the bodhisattva of mercy. do an internet search on it and have a look. amazing. we stood at the base of it and were in awe of its size and craftmanship. at the bottom is giant statue of happy buddha. this all overlooks an amazing view of danang and bay. words and pictures cannot describe what we were looking at. to top it off the sun was starting to set and the lights of the city and bay were all coming to life. jen and i just stood there in a trance.
90_vietnam_767.jpg vietnam_768.jpg vietnam_769.jpg
how could we top that? how about some fresh seafood and beers. we made our way down to the beach where there are dozens of eating places scattered along the beach. hung took us to a locals place. the place was packed with locals enjoying the evening air, food and lots of beer. now this seafood is a fresh as you can get it. all the seafood is still alive and you have to pick what you want and they cook it up and serve it to you. we sat down had a beer and thuy went and ordered for us. first on menu was a giant bowl of clams with herbs followed by giant, and i mean giant, tiger prawns which were bbq'd, crabs and to top it off oysters. all fresh and all very tasty. we washed them down with a couple of beers. for the sum of $40 aud for 4 people.
vietnam_021.jpg vietnam_022.jpg
time had got the better of us and we had to get back to our car which was waiting for us. so another bike ride through the busy friday night traffic. by now jen was loving the bike ride and through some very busy traffic and we reached our ride home. jen and i said goodbye to our new friends and off we went to hoi an and our hotel.
great afternoon and evening.
andrew and jenny

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a close shave

barber shop in hoi an

sunny 38 °C

today we started with usual breakfeast by the river. then some time spent lazying around the pool and having a dip. jen was feeling like some more relaxing so she went to the resort massage centre and got a foot massage. which she loved. i decided to be a bit adventureous and hopped on a motorbike from across the road and went for a cruise up the coastline. it was great to cruise in the sunshine at a top speed of 60kmh taking in the surroundings. got back to hotel and drop bike in. stopped to have a beer with locals and got into a game of cards. after a quick crash course of what they were playing i sat in for a few hands. won 2 out of 3 hands. beginners luck i guess. the locals got a laugh out of it.
after a bit more downtime we decided to head into town for some food and a couple of drinks. visited the bazar cafe again. we were treated like long lost friends as we went in. the same staff members from the previous night were there and they were happy to see us. had another one of their pork baguettes, which are to die for, and also a couple of cocktails called caipirinha. they have rum, lime and sugar and are sensational.
went a brought another painting from the shop we went to the other day. as we were repeat customers we got to meet the artist. picked up a lovely piece of his work.
we were both feeling like an early night so before we headed home i decided to get a shave from local barber. i have decided that i will not shave myself again while on holidays. as well as the usual shave this guys specialty was ear cleaning. so i got the full ear cleaning service. let me tell you this is another experience you should have when in vietnam. he got to work with a miners light and got right in there cleaning away some potatoes and any excess hair. an unusual but most excellent experience. jen was looking enviously as he was cleaning my ears and tomorrow is going to go for the full service.
tonight is room service and some movies.
andrew and jenny

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walking tour of hoi an

just taking it easy

sunny 38 °C

today we got an early bus into hoi an to do a walking tour of the city historic buildings as outlined by lonely planet. after looking at the buildings listed by lonely planet i worked out my own route as we have worked out the town by now and had seen a few of the building suggested. we purschased our tickets at one of the tourist stands scattered around the old city. you can buy a book of tickets which allows you to visit 5 different attractions for $4 aud.
we started at the quan cong temple which was built in 1653. it is a small temple dedicated to quan cong a chinese general who is worshipped as a symbol of loyalty, sincerity, integrity and justice. lots of altars in this temple and a large statue at back of building which we presumed is quan cong.
next was assembly hall of fujian chinese congregation. this was originally an assembly hall bu was later transformed into a temple for the worship of thien hau a deity from the fujian province. this a large complex with a large entry gate followed by 2 gardens then a hall followed by a couple of smaller altars. some amazing incense was burning shaped in large coils which stretched out to about 4 foot and were scattered throughout hall and altars. they would take all day to burn.
next was the museum of trading ceramics. this is an old restored house made of dark wood. it is filled with ceramic artefacts from all over asia. while the pieces of ceramic were ok i think it would take an expert in the field to appreciate what was on display. the house however was a great example of an old hoi an home. obviously designed for vietnamese people and not taller westeners i found myself ducking and weaving low beams and narrow staircases. jen however found the house just her size.
next tan ky house. this house was built 200 years ago and the people who live in the house are direct descendants of the original owners. there are pictures of several generations of owners on the walls looking down on you as you walk through the house. there is a lot of detail on the walls with chinese poems written in mother of pearl on beams and the walls. there is a small courtyard in the middle of the house which is used for ventilation as there are no side windows in homes in the old part of hoi an as each building is built against the next one. every year in the rainy season hoi an floods. in the house they have marks where some of the bigger floods have reached. the highest is 2 metres in 2007. each year the bottom half of the house is cleared and they move everything upstairs. this is a part of living in hoi an that the locals deal with.
final stop was the hoi an workshop. this is a large building with several courtyards where locals are making local hand crafts such as lanterns, pottery, wood turning and artwork. as usual jen and i could not resist and brought a few items for ourselves and loved ones.
there are many more buildings to visit and you could spend a whole day or more to get through them all. overall a great way to spend a few hours and get in touch with the vietnamese culture that little bit more. china_359.jpg china_601.jpg 90_china_679.jpg china_577.jpg china_584.jpg vietnam_625.jpg 90_china_570.jpg
stopped at the bazar cafe and restaurant and had a very tasty baugette and drink before picking up our prescription glasses, i can see the world clearly now, and making our way back to the hotel for some down time.
went into town for some dinner. went to miss ly which has a good reputation. all expectations were met as we had a great meal and service was very good. a little bit of shopping then we went to bazar again for drinks, happy hour was in full swing, and spent time waiting for bus chatting to lovely staff and downing very cheap and strong cocktails. time to make our way back to bus and hotel for the night.
andrew and jenny

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time for some pampering and more shopping

day spa in hoi an

sunny 33 °C

today started with the usual breakfeast by the riverfront then we spent the morning lazing around the pool having a dip and reading magazines. caught the afternoon shuttle bus into hoi an and did a spot of shopping. got some prescriptions filled for reading glasses. i have reached that time in my life when i require reading glasses so we found an optometrist and spent some time looking for a new face for me and jen. jen also picked up a very cool pair of sunglasses. will pick them up tomorrow. then made our way to a t shirt shop that a lady recommended to us. she worked in a bar we visited and her son designed his own buddha style t shirts. we found the store, very cleverly called buddha, and found he had some good quality t shirts with some great designs. brought 2 shirts for 24000 dong ($12aud each) great buy. track it down if you are in hoi an.
then moved onto some lunch and had some white rose (dumplings), thit nuong (bbq prok with citronella) and hoanh thanh chien (fried wonton with salsa and washed down with a couple of beers all for the pricely some of $13 aud. gotta love that.
stopped at an art store as some paintings grabbed our attention. went in to have a look at more and loved the art they had in there. we picked a couple and asked for the prices. $20 usd each. thank you very much and the lovely lady rolled them up and put them in a tube for us. i feel we will visit this store again.
next stop was hoi an day spa. jen decided to have the cloud nine deluxe pedicure an i had a head, shoulder and neck massage and a haircut and shave. an hour later and $20aud jen and i floated out of there.
we stopped in front of an amazing looking old house. a lady wandered out and started chatting to us. it turns out the house was 250 years old and her family had lived in the house the whole time. it was open for tourists to have a look inside, however, it had closed for the day. the lady was nice enough to let us inside. she turned on the lights and the house lit up with lanterns. this house was stunning. old furniture, ornate wood carvings in the ceiling and throughout the house, water features and a beautiful indoor garden. she sat down with us and we had some tea and she talked to us about the house. we also brought some more lanterns, our place is going to look like a lantern shop, and jen brought a vietnamese tea set.
feeling a little hungry i decided to stop at a street vendor we have visited during our food tasting tour. a lovely old lady sells banh mi xa xiu (baguette sandwich with char siu pork) at the front of her house which was also her store. we told her we had visited the other day so she invited us to sit inside her house as she prepared our baguettes. her husband went and got us an electric fan so we would cool down and she also poured us some tea. we continue to be amazed at the hospitality of the vietnamese people. she gave us the baguettes which we devoured in record time. these were simply amazing.
so with our bellys full, our bodies relaxed and our hearts full we made our way back to the bus and the hotel.
andrew and jenny

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bikes and motorcycles

geting around hoi an

sunny 37 °C

this morning started with another lovely breakfeast down by river. this is becoming a habit i would love to keep.
jen was feeling like having a quiet morning and me being me wanted to do something so i grabbed a pushbike from the hotel and set off exploring the area. road along the narrow road to a dead end where the river was and stopped to take in the great scenery. houses around me with locals going about their daily buisiness.
headed back up the road a little a found the road i needed to take me to cua dai beach. after a nice gentle ride through rice fields and fish farms i came to the main road into cua dai beach. there was very little traffic on the road and i made my way to the beach which looked blue, cool and inviting. kept on riding along the beach for a little further and could feel the heat of the day starting to set in. decided i would turn around and head back as i had been riding for 40 minutes or so. stopped at a little store for a refreshing iced green tea, these drinks have become one of my favourites, then set off for home. managed to retrace my steps and made it back to hotel very hot but happy.
after conquering the roads by pushbike i persuaded jen that it would be ok to hit the road on a motorcycle. she was up for it for we walked across the road to the local store who hire motor scooters. $7.50 for the day and a hand over of keys and jen and i were off. with jen on the back of the bike we cruised through the country side following the same route i had earlier and made our way to cua dai beach. we found the restaurant affiliated with our hotel the goby restaurant and were shown seats under umbrellas on the beach. awesome!! time for some food and a drink. jen ordered her obilgatory mojito and i had a larue beer which has been my beer of choice while in hoi an. for food jen ordered grilled charcoal chili calamari and i had sweet chili crab. both dishes arrived and were as you can imagine they were excellent. jen washed her meal down with a maragarita and i had a coke and we set off for a cruise up the coast. after a lovely ride back we headed back to the hotel and beer at the store across the road with the family who run it. even though neither couple could speak each others language we sat with them and their 2 year old girl and worked our way through the language barrier. the little girl is gourgeous and we gave her one of the little koalas we had brought along with us. great afternoon.
china_503.jpg china_514.jpg
evening we went into hoi an and checked the hoi an day spa for prices etc. we are going to go tomorrow for some pampering. little old man lee greeted us and ran through everything. jen is a little concerned he may be conducting the treatments. i was not so concerned as he had a gentle handshake. jen was not very hungry so i grabbed a bowl of cao lau noodles from a street vendor. also found a new treat. chocovina which is also called choco pies. they are sold all over the place in stores. they are chocolated coated pies with chewy marshmallow centre mmm... 12 to pack and delicious.
andrew and jenny

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green bamboo cooking class

great cooking class in hoi an

sunny 37 °C

started the day with a light breakfeast down on the riverfront at our hotel. sat back and watched boats cruise up and down the river as we enjoy the start of the mroning.
our bus arrived for the green bamboo cooking school. our cooking instructor van greeted us and we made our way to hoi an. todays class we had 2 other couples with us. mat and paula (couple from sydney in late 20's) and mat and steph (english couple from leeds late 20's). first we had to go shopping for the ingredients for our cooking class. we started at the riverfront markets. this market is a lot more busy than the one we visited yesterday. the hustle and bustle was much like being in hanoi. we weaved our way through the markets as van stopped at various stalls explaining to us what she was buying and pointing out different fruits,meats,vegetables and seafoods. we were all enjoying ourselves as we battled through the narrow lanes crammed with people, bicycles and motorcycles. being jostled by little old ladies who as we have found out rule the roost in vietnam. they poke you to move out of the way and yell out something in vietnamese. you just smile and move aside.
china_422.jpg china_434.jpg 90_china_411.jpg
after getting our supplies we headed to vans home where we would be conducting our cooking class. her home was a lovely 3 story home at cua dai beach which is 10 minutes from hoi an. her kitchen was all set up for the class and her assistant was busy preparing things for us. we got started with all the dishes we were going to make. each of us had selected a dish prior to the class and with vans expert help we were guided throught the process. i was making a vietnam traditional dish pho bo and jen dish was seafood salad with basil and chilli. for the next few hours we all prepared our dish of choice as well as helping other where needed. this was great fun and in the process we gained a few great cooking tips. once we had finished we all sat down at a long table with all our dishes laid out for us. we were all very impressed with the smorgasboard we had prepared. all dishes tasted great. i must admit the pho i made was a lot better than the one i had tasted in hanoi. jens dish was also a success and we are looking forward to getting home and trying these dishes out. at the end of the meal, which by the way we could all not eat, van brought a traditional vietnamese cake which was devoured by all. she then gave us a cook books with a large selection of recipes as well as some cooking chopsticks and a great little handheld machine which slices and cuts. yet another great experience.
china_458.jpg china_465.jpg
in the evening we went into hoi an town for a little shopping. brought some gifts for family/friends and a few things for ourselves. also stopped at a bar on the waterfront called the mango rooms which we have frequented a few times now and i enjoyed some beers and jen her new favourite drink the the mojito. after some drinks we sat and watched a game of vietnamese bingo which not only included the game of bingo but a full singing show with costumes. very entertaining.
andrew and jenny

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taste of hoi an food tour

great food tasting tour of hoi an

sunny 36 °C

today we headed out on the taste of hoi an street food tour. we were greeted at our hotel by our tour guide neville and australian who has been in vietnam with his wife colleen for 2 years. he started the tour after seeing many tourists unable to try the foods of vietnam through a lack on knowledge.
after picking up other guests we arrived at local markets where introductions were completed. after a mixed fruit shake it was onto the local markets where neville ran through local fruits, vegetables, meats and seafoods with the local vendors. neville has a great relationship with all the locals and it is obvious there is a mutual respect and love of what he is doing for the local community. for the next 4 1/2 hours we visited street vendors and stopped at restaurants to sample some of the most amazing foods jen and i had experienced. this was truly a taste of a great taste of vietnam. as we made our way through the streets of hoi an neville gave us a running commentary of not only all things food based but many other cultural aspects of this lovely town. we made our way to the final restaurant where neville and colleen ran through our final tasting dishes as well as a history of fish sauce, nevilles personal favourite, and they gave us tips on the best places to eat in not only hoi an but the whole of vietnam. we were given a full list of the entire 42 dishes we had sampled including correct pronuciations which would help us to purchase anything in the future. this tour has given us the knowledge and confidence to try many foods we would have missed out on. thank you neville and colleen.
90_china_277.jpg china_279.jpg 90_china_338.jpg china_327.jpg china_297.jpg 90_china_295.jpg
some personal favourites of jen and i. sinh to trai cay (mixed fruit shake), xi ma (sweet water grass and black sesame seed elixir), jens favourite mi ga (chicken noodle soup but not as you know it), kem flan (small creme caramel), banh mi xa xiu (baguette sandwich with char siu pork) and chanh muoi (salty preserved lemon drink). if you visit hoi an you must do this tour and do it first thing as it will help you with your food eating experience in hoi an and vietnam. we are now ready to take our eating experience in vietnam up to a different level. awesome tour!!
after the tour we had a wander around hoi an. the streets where deserted as people took midday breaks and we stopped at a local bar overlooking river and had our obligatory beer (andrew) and cocktail (jen). it was happy hour after all. drinks half price from 9am to 6pm. gotta love that action.
then back to hotel for some downtime.
i wandered over to local drinking spot across the road from resort while jen had a lay down. had a chat with some of the locals and play with kids while having a drink in the cool shade. the vietnamese are lovely people are have a real warmth which i have not experienced in my previous travels. yet another excellent day.
andrew and jenny

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arrive in hoi an

lantern festival

sunny 34 °C

left hanoi for our flight to hoi an. flight with vietnam airlines was painless and went off without a hitch. arrived in danang and driver was waiting to take us us to hoi an which was a 40 minute drive. danang is a very different looking city to hanoi. lots of new buildings and new resorts along the coast. we will come to visit danang later as we will meet up with toy from our halong bay tour who lives here and she offered to show us around.
got to ancient river house resort located just out of hoi an. we are located in the middle of a village and are surrounded by peoples homes and farms. instead of the sound of car horns and the hum of the city we have the sounds of dogs, chickens and kids playing. the resort is on the banks of a river and our room overlooks the resort pool. looks like we will enjoy staying here.
tonight was the full moon festival in hoi an which they surprisingly have each full moon. we caught the resort shuttle bus in and were instantly taken by this beautiful town. lots of narrow streets with lovely old buildings. had some dinner at restaurant and indulged in some local cuisine, white rose (shrimp in race paper) and cao lau (flat noodle with croutons, sprouts and topped with pork slices) both were awesome and we will be indulging more of these meals while in hoi an. when we finished it was dark and the town was alight with lanterns. we had a beer of the riverfront and brought small paper lanterns from an old lady and set them afloat in the river. this is supposed to bring you good luck. i feel like we have already had plenty on this trip and look forward to more.
feeling a little tired we decided to head back to hotel. caught shuttle bus back to hotel and will get an early night. have to get up early for a food tasting tour we are doing in hoi an. should be good.
andrew and jenny

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halong bay

an amazing experience

sunny 37 °C

woke up early for bus trip to halong bay. bus arrived on time and we headed off on our 4 hour journey. hit the crazy traffic which is hanoi. after spending a short time here we have grown to appreciate the skill and expertise the vietnamese show in the driving and riding motorcycles. a beep of the horn to let drivers know you are there and everything moves in an organised chaos. until you experience it is hard to fathom.
spent time looking at the different scenery and the time flew by. was amazed at the amount of building works which are going on. houses, roads, drainage etc happening all the way to halong bay.
finally made it to halong bay and we are greeted by a fleet of junk boats all painted white, recently all junks on halong bay were required to paint boats white as part of new regulations after boating accident last year. it does take away some of the charm of these boats but there is some reason behind it which nobody could explain to us. we were greeted by our tour director thien (not sure about spelling) and we made our way to our boat. we had a group of 8 people including us on the boat. elderly couple colin (uk) and wife lily (french), manny (aussie,male 30's) and luong (vietnamese wife 30's) toy (vietnamese girl 20's ) and friend from japan who was male in his late 40's , however, during the whole trip didn't learn his name as he spoke no english but smiled alot and chain smoked. this turned out to be a great bunch of people and helped to make the trip a memorable one. china_127.jpg
introductions all around and we headed out to this truly amazing part of the world. have a look on line at pictures and you will see what i mean. halong bay is littered with thousands of limestone and granite islands which are inhabitable instead for birds and some small wildlife. the setting is in a beautiful calm bay and we spent the next 2 hours cruising through these islands. had a great 7 course lunch consisting of prawns, clams (awesome), fish, squid, steam vegetables and fresh fruit. great way to start the day.
first stop was the surprising caves. after a steep walk up to the top we entered a series of caverns. it was great to get out of the heat and into the cool caves. our tour guide lead us through and pointed out various formations. as we neared the end we could feel the heat of the day pounding outside and were greeted by a blanket of heat. made our way back to the boat and we were all a lather of sweat.
next stop was the local beach which was a short 10 minute ride. the beach sits at the bottom of a tall island which has a lookout on top of it. jen decided to sit down on the beach as myself and 2 others made the 500 steps to the top. this was a very steep walk and all the way people were stopping for breath and drinking water. the walk was well worth it at the top was a majestic view of halong bay. we could see for miles and miles. island after island stretched into the distance. simply breathtaking! hike back down and jen and i hit the water for a cool swim.
next and the best part of the day was a one hour kayak through the bay. jen and i were taken back by the beauty of this place as we glided through the water. at this point i want to mention how good jen and i are as a kayaking team. we have to do more of this when we get home. this was one of those magic moments when you travel and we both soaked it the atmosphere as the sun was setting and we kayaked in one of the seven wonders of the world. china_145.jpg china_153.jpg 90_china_166.jpg china_212.jpg
back to the boat and freshen up before a 10 course dinner consisting of more great food. after we sat down to all have a chat and take in the amazing environment which surrounded us. after a few ales we have had a spot of squid fishing. after 15 minutes and no luck we gave up and had another chat before heading to bed for night. the end of a truly magic day.
after a great nights sleep we awoke for some tai chi conducted by our tour guide. must have been a sight for anyone else watching a group of foreigners putting their bodies into unatural positions, however, i must admit i felt great afterwards. then time some breakfeast. we then were collected by small wooden boats manned by locals and taken through a cave and into a large area enclosed by giant cliffs. again another magic moment.
back to the boat and we began slowly making our way through the islands and began the trip back to port. spent next couple of hours relaxing on the boat as we made our way through islands. more great food and we were back at port.
overall an amazing experience and one that anyone visiting vietnam should put at the top of their to do list.
another bus ride back to hanoi and back to the elite hotel. we went out for some food and drinks at a the hanoi soul cafe overlooking the lake, bowl of pho, spring rolls and 5 cocktails all for $25, we went back to our hotel for a solid nights sleep. our next stop will be hoi an in central vietnam.
andrew and jenny

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first day in hanoi

good start to holiday

sunny 36 °C

our first day in hanoi started with a great breakfeast in the very cool elite hotel. it is a public holiday in vietnam today and the country is out to celebrate independance day. we made our way by taxi to the ho chi minh complex. the mausoleum line up to see the great man was at least 3km long. all streets around the mausoleum were packed with people eager to pay their respects to the great man. we looked at the line up and decided as much as we would like to view him this was a job for the faithful.china_041.jpg we decide the next best thing was a visit to the ho chi minh museum which comprised all things ho and vietnam related. there are some really cool pieces in the museum and would recommend a visit.china_031.jpg stopped in for a look at one pillar pagoda and had a wander around the grounds. as we couldn't get into mausoleum we had a look at front. giant flags flying and large wreaths at entrance made for a grand spectacle.
time for a stop for a cool drink. taking in the surroundings of hanoi. it is a very pretty city with its tree lined streets and some very fine buildings.
next we visited the army museum and flag tower, however, it was closed until 1.30. will catch it when we visit hanoi later in our trip. across the road to pay our respects to the giant statue of lenin. next to ho he is a very popular man in hanoi. then we made our way to the temple of literature which was a great escape from the city.90_china_081.jpg by now the heat of the day was getting to us so we decided to head back to hotel for a break.
after cooling down we hit the streets again deciding to head to hoan kiem lake for some food and refreshments. after a quick wander through the streets of the old quarter we hit the lake. while a little polluted it is a great landmark to have in the city. visited the ngoc son temple and viewed the giant turtle. then we made our way to the city view cafe. this is a bar/restaurant overlooking the lake and city. a great place to have a break, food and beer while taking in the craziness of the city. after some very fine spring rolls and many beers we received the bill to find we were short! how many times are you short for a $23 bill. never! as we only had some cash and no credit cards on us we said we would have to go to hotel to get extra cash. the staff were very cool. so cool that they gave us a t shirt and we said we would be back shortly. full of lager we hit the streets to find ourselves lost in no time. after a while we finally found hotel and set of again to settle our bill, i forgot to tell you that the outstanding amount was $1 but we are people of our word. then we got lost again. in a lather of sweat and a little disorientated we found the bar and settled bill much to surprise and laughter of staff. we are believers in karma so what can i say. then on the way back we managed to buy some very cool postcards and also buy some pastry sweets from a lady we saw earlier when we were lost and said to her we would be back to buy some from her. again we try to be people of our word. then another stop for a beer and some soup, which caused me to sweat even more, then getting a little lost again we made it back to our hotel. what a day.
tomorrow we are heading to halong bay for an overnight cruise. we are both looking forward to it. will be able to blog when we get back.
andrew and jenny.
p.s the pastry sweets from the lady in the street were very good. highly recommend if you are hanoi.

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