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happy birthday ho

122 years old today

overcast 38 °C

today is ho chi minh's 122 birthday. well if he was alive he would be 122. today all around vietnam the country will celebrate the birthday of the greeat man. the streets are covered in flags and banners to celebrate. that means there are even more people in hanoi and we realised that when we hit the streets in a taxi to go to the army museum and flag tower. traffic was even more chaotic than normal.

1vietnam_033.jpg vietnam_032.jpg

the flag tower is a landmark site for hanoi and also situated next door is the army museum. what they have in the army museum is a couple of buildings which have a history of the vietnam armed forces and outside a huge collection of planes, tanks, artillery and bombs. there is also a large display of lots of parts of planes which were shot down in hanoi during the vietnam war to make a large sculpture. very cool. the climb to the top of the flag tower is a very steep one. jen decided to sit it out so i made my way to the top. it was a great view of the city of hanoi.
i must admit when i got the top i had built up a massive sweat and after walking back down i was ready for a nice cool drink which jen and i had at the cafe located in the grounds.

2vietnam_021.jpg 1vietnam_022.jpg
2vietnam_023.jpg vietnam_025.jpg
1vietnam_024.jpg vietnam_027.jpg
vietnam_029.jpg vietnam_030.jpg

the humidity was really high today and thought we would walk back into town and head to the hotel to cool down and get ready for the water puppets show which we had booked through the hotel to see in the afternoon. when we got back to the hotel we were bathed in sweat. time for a shower and cool down.
headed off the the water puppets show which has theatre down near the lake. the theatre has about 6 shows a day and they run for 40 minutes. this has been a vietnamese tradition for hundreds of years. the locals would conduct shows in rice paddy fields as a from of entertainment. the puppets are attached to long poles and the person controlling them is in waist dep water behind a screen. there is a live band playing music on traditional vietnamese instruments. it was a lot of fun and if you are in hanoi go visit. the pictures i took didn't come out very well as he lighting was a little poor and a flash didn't work. the video i will check later.

vietnam_034.jpg vietnam_043.jpg
vietnam_045.jpg vietnam_048.jpg

we decided to have a few beers after the show so we stopped at a bar near our hotel. decided we would head back to hotel and freshen up before heading out for a bit. both feeling a little pekish we decided to stop at a place i had my eye on since we had arrived in hanoi. they sell bbq baby pidgeon. the smell is awesome. so jen and i pulled up a table and ordered a plate each. out came 2 plates which we put together and we ate them. they are cooked with the heads and it was a little hard to eat the head at first, however, we took the plunge and they were great. another thing you should try if in hanoi.

vietnam_040.jpg vietnam_041.jpg

after freshening up we headed out. not wanting to go to far we chose the knight bar again. we like the bartender there and the bar has a good atmosphere. we settled in for a bit of a session. another great thing about the bars in hanoi is the amount of food which is around you and you don't have to go looking for it. across the street in the bar was a shop that sold fried cheese sticks. so after a few drinks we ordered some fried cheese sticks delivered to our table. awesome!! had a new type of mojito tonight the passionfruit kind. very tasty. after a few more drinks we made our way around the corner to the hotel. great night. only one more day to go and we head back home.
it is going to be sad to say goodbye to vietnam.
andrew and jenny

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The water puppets look interesting. Don't know about the baby pidgeons hope they're not on the menu in Hervey Bay. You will be returning to 14 - 24 deg temps with 58% humidity. And, your timing is perfect as you'll be able to watch Qld beat NSW in the first State of Origin being played at the great M C G. Can't wait to have a chat. We have thoroughly enjoyed your blogs each day. xoxox

by Bea n Al

cant believe you ate the poor little baby pidgeons cant trust you in king george square now with all them lovely pigeons i will be suss on you now with all them parrots you feed in the arvo at your place. hope you have a great trip home tomorrow take care love kick and kelly

by karen green

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